IQElectro 2-Year Warranty Terms

Items purchased from IQElectro may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, as IQElectro is not an authorized dealer of the merchandise. Nevertheless, rest assured that the item is backed by IQElectro’s 2-Year Warranty, the terms of which are outlined below.

0.1 Scope:

  1. Product Categories: The warranty applies to all categories of products purchased on the official website of IQElectro, available at
  1. Geographic Scope of Warranty: The warranty is exclusively applicable to purchasers located within the United States of America (USA). Since IQElectro is registered in the USA and does not have representations abroad, we cannot provide service for products purchased outside the country. Therefore, the product will not be eligible for warranty service if the customer acquired it abroad, for example, in Mexico, Canada, etc.
  1. Specific Conditions of Use and Operation of Products:

(a) Proper maintenance of the product should be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions provided by IQElectro.

(b) The product must be used under normal conditions as specified in the accompanying instructions.

(c) Unauthorized modifications or repairs of the product are not permitted.

(d) Prevent damage to the product caused by improper use or mishandling.

(e) Adhere to all warnings and limitations set forth in the user manual of IQElectro or on the product packaging.

Failure to comply with these conditions gives IQElectro the right to refuse warranty service for the product.

0.2 Warranty Period:

  1. Warranty Period for IQElectro: The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase of the product on the company's official website.
  1. Possibility of Warranty Extension: The customer does not have the option to extend the warranty period, as the company provides only a 2-year warranty for products purchased on its official website.
  1. Conditions for Termination of Warranty: In case of violation by the customer of the conditions of use, application, or storage of the product, IQElectro reserves the right to cancel the customer's warranty. Conditions under which the warranty period may be terminated include:

(a) Failure to comply with the storage conditions of the product according to the recommendations of the product's technical passport.

(b) Improper use of the product, exceeding its functional capabilities, which may significantly reduce the product's performance and lead to its failure.

(c) Incorrect repair of the product, which may result in improper operation of the product and its failure.


0.3 Covered Cases:

  1. Material Defects: The warranty covers defects caused by deficiencies in the materials used to manufacture the product.

(a) Material Defects: The warranty covers any malfunctions or damages caused by defects in the materials used in the manufacturing of the product. For example, if the product is made of metal and exhibits defects in the metal base, such as cracks, deformations, or corrosion due to poor-quality materials, it will be covered by the warranty.

(b) Material Quality Issues: If the quality of materials falls below standards or does not meet the declared specifications, leading to improper functioning or defects in the product, such cases are also covered under warranty.

(c) Manufacturing Process: If defects or deficiencies in the materials of the product are related to the manufacturing process, such as improper processing, inadequate quality of raw materials, or incorrect assembly, they will also be covered by the warranty.

(d) Unsatisfactory Quality: If the materials used for manufacturing the product do not meet expectations regarding quality, stability, or durability, it will be considered a material defect and eligible for warranty service.

  1. Operational Defects: This includes any malfunctions related to the operation of the product that may arise due to manufacturing or assembly errors.
  1. Production Malfunctions: If issues arise related to the manufacturing process of the product, such as defects due to improper processing or assembly.
  1. Acquisition of Defective Product: If the product is purchased with defects or malfunctions that become apparent after purchase and use according to the instructions.
  1. Performance Limitations: If the product does not meet the declared specifications or functionality as stated by the manufacturer.
  1. Other Established Defects: Any other malfunctions or issues specified in the warranty terms as covered cases.

0.4 Not Covered Cases:

  1. Improper Use: The warranty does not cover cases of improper use of the product. This includes any situations where the product is used contrary to its intended purpose or against the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer, which are specified in the product's technical documentation.
  1. Unprofessional Repair Works: The warranty does not extend to cases of unprofessional repair or modification of the product, which resulted in its deterioration or malfunction.
  1. The warranty will not be valid if the purchaser violates any of the warranty conditions outlined above in section 01 and section 0.2.
  1. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product during its intended use. This means that natural wear and tear resulting from regular use of the product under expected conditions are not covered by the warranty. For example, wear marks, scratches, or minor performance degradation due to natural wear and tear are not eligible for warranty service.
  1. The warranty will not apply in cases where the product is damaged due to careless handling or improper care. This includes the following situations:

(a) Improper Maintenance: If the product has not been properly serviced or cared for according to the manufacturer's recommendations, resulting in its damage or defects.

(b) Misuse: If the product has been used improperly or contrary to the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer, resulting in its damage or malfunction.

(c) Careless Handling: If the product has been damaged due to rough or careless handling, such as impacts, falls, or other mechanical actions causing damage or deformation.

  1. The warranty does not cover cases where the product is damaged due to changes in external conditions not covered by the warranty. This includes the following situations:

(a) Extreme Temperatures: If the product has been exposed to extreme temperatures above or below the permissible range, resulting in its damage or malfunction.

(b) Moisture Exposure: If the product has been subjected to high humidity or water exposure, resulting in corrosion, oxidation, or other damages.

(c) Other Factors: If the damage to the product was caused by other external factors unrelated to normal product use or manufacturing defects, and not covered by the warranty, such as exposure to chemical substances.

0.5 Claim Procedure:

  1. Familiarization with Warranty Terms: The user must carefully review the warranty terms provided by IQElectro. This includes information about the warranty period, covered cases, exceptions, and the claim procedure.
  1. Document Collection: The user must gather all necessary documents confirming the purchase of the product and the warranty conditions.

(a) Receipt, Order Number, or Payment Receipt: The IQElectro customer must ensure the availability of a receipt, order number, or receipt.

(b) Operating Instructions: The user should keep the product's technical documentation, as it may contain important information about operating rules, product care, and warranty conditions.

  1. Contacting IQElectro: To contact IQElectro, the customer can use the email address When sending an email with a warranty claim, it is important to provide detailed information about the product issue, the date of purchase, and other relevant data.

Phone Number: For more immediate assistance, the user can use the IQElectro phone number: +1 828-222-3490. This number can be used to seek help or consultation regarding filing a warranty claim.

The user must ensure that the provided information about the product issue is accurate and detailed. When contacting the seller or manufacturer, it is also advisable to provide product identification data, such as serial numbers or other unique identifiers. This will help expedite the claim processing process and increase the likelihood of a positive resolution.

  1. Tracking Claim Status: After filing a claim with IQElectro, the user undertakes to actively monitor its status and respond promptly to requests or demands from IQElectro. The following communication channels are provided for this purpose:

(a) Email: During the claim review process, IQElectro may send notifications and updates via email to the user. The user is required to regularly check their email inbox and carefully review messages received from IQElectro.

(b) Phone Contact: In case of urgent questions or the need for additional information, the user has the right to contact IQElectro by phone at +1 828-222-3490. IQElectro representatives will be ready to provide assistance and support.

(c) Request for Updates: If there is a need to inquire about the current status of the claim review or expected resolution timelines, the user has the right to request updated information from IQElectro through any convenient communication method. IQElectro undertakes to provide complete and accurate information upon the user's request.

The user acknowledges that in case of filing a claim, they undertake to monitor its status and interact with IQElectro using the aforementioned communication channels.

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